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Hello everyone and welcome to the October newsletter! I hope this finds you all happy and healthy.

I had the pleasure a couple weekends ago to go hiking with an old college roommate of mine, we usually plan one large hiking trip a year. This year we decided to break our old record. We went out to the Maah Daah Hey Trail in North Dakota out by Medora. If you have never been out there I highly suggest you go.

The Maah Daah Hey Trail itself is 144 miles long. We knew that we could not hike the whole thing in two days! We still wanted to make it memorable, so we decided to hike 40 miles.

The Ash trees were just turning to a vibrant yellow, mixed in with dark green junipers and, dark brick red grass, the scenery is astonishing in the North Dakota Badland outback. The first day went very well, as we put in 16 miles in an afternoon. But that meant that we had a lot more to do the very next day!

As we got going that next morning, we were both thinking to ourselves. Can we do 24 more miles? At mile 30 it started raining, causing mud to collect on the bottom of our hiking boots slowing us down considerably. By mile 35 both of us were not in good condition. We were limping and hobbling in the mud and rain. But we kept going. The last 5 miles of the hike, I was so thankful that I had my health in order to spend this time with my friend and enjoy God's creation. If I did not have my health there is no way I would be able to experience the richness of that trip. While I was on the trip I was detoxing. It's simply planning ahead of time and planning your meals.

Shifting focus, and as we look ahead towards Halloween and Thanksgiving. We can start to think about how we can be better examples to our community, to our family, to our friends, and not fall into the same routines. Start looking into healthy Thanksgiving cooking, you don't have to opt for the creamed corn, the gluten-filled stuffing. There are many delicious Thanksgiving dishes that you can look into as alternatives and are just as delicious!

For the Halloween season, don't be the house that gives out high fructose corn syrup injected candy, coated with artificial chocolate, all wrapped in a plastic wrapper. Instead, opt for fruit, (we've included a couple of examples) or be the house that gives out cool pencils and the even cooler erasers. I still remember as a kid enjoying my stegosaurus eraser that I had gotten while trick-or-treating.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep in touch with all of you, and encourage you to keep making the constant lifestyle changes. That way you will have the payoff of good health for years to come! I strive to be an example to my family, to you, and to my community. And you should strive to be a healthy example to your family and friends, we are all part of a movement! That movement is to Empower and Educate Through Health and Wellness and to disrupt Healthcare into Wellness care.

While you may not be planning any 40-mile hike soon (I wouldn't recommend it, 35 miles is plenty) it is important to keep up with your wellness. If you have found yourself falling off the wagon, simply go back to the basics. How were you living when you felt the best? Was it during the detox? We will be offering a Detox course come the New Year for all of our pre-existing clients. It’s a great way to hit the reset button!

I will be excited to talk to you guys again in November! Until then be happy be healthy and God Bless!

Dr. Sauer

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