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At Twin Oaks, I focus on helping you keep your blood sugar balanced. We do this to avoid long-term health challenges, such as diabetes. High blood sugar also directly affects how much excess fat is stored in the body. When your blood sugar is constantly high, your body stores that extra energy as fat.

No doubt in our conversations, you’ve heard me talk about blood sugar, and the importance of keeping your levels stable. In light of the fact that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, let’s look at a couple of reasons why blood sugar balance is so important for your long-term health.

Sadly, diabetes is known as one of the “most profitable” diseases in America today. This is because the chronic worsening of the disease, adds complication after complication, and medication after medication. This is a fate I want everyone to avoid.

Not only is it important to keep your blood sugar balanced so you can avoid diabetes or pre-diabetes, that balance also plays a role in your sleep-wake cycle. If you find that you are waking up multiple times during the night, especially in the wee hours, from 2:30 to 4:00am, its likely due to a blood sugar imbalance. What’s happening is that your blood sugar is dipping low enough for your body to think it is not going to make it through the night without more energy. A surge of adrenaline goes into your bloodstream and you wake up with your mind racing. If that scenario sounds familiar, then guess what? You have blood sugar imbalances.

My grandpa struggled with Type-2 Diabetes for most of his life. He was stubborn, and not willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to manage his condition. Sadly, he passed away earlier this Fall after a long, drawn-out battle and other complications. If you’ve been diagnosed with prediabetes, that’s simply saying that you’re a diabetic-in-training. In other words, the only difference between a pre-diabetic and diabetic is TIME. Make no mistake, you are headed down that road, your numbers just haven't got to the level where it is necessary for medication.

The key to balancing your blood sugar throughout the day, is to start out with protein in the morning. Eating protein for breakfast will go a long way toward setting your blood sugar balance and as a result, your energy levels, for the rest of the day. Later in the afternoon, if you notice a dip in your energy, it will be small. Starting your day off with some sort of protein, such as eggs or meat and a vegetable, is going to be key. Having a healthy fat, vegetables and meat for lunch, and something similar for dinner will continue the balancing process. If you practice these dietary regulations, you will notice a gradual but steady improvement in your energy levels, in your sleep, and in your overall health.

As the holiday season approaches it is important to gift yourself with the gift of health, it may sound cheesy, but it is no less true. Take care of your health and yourself so you can invest in the lives of the people you care about most.

The Very Best in Health!

Dr. Sauer

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