Laboratory Analysis

Because each organ in the body was designed to work in harmony with the rest, it’s imperative that treatment plans are based on the whole health of the body – not just the part exhibiting symptoms. Dr. Sauer believes that a complete picture of the health is an invaluable tool when addressing complex nutritional problems.

In order to get an accurate picture of overall body health, Twin Oaks utilizes laboratory testing to ensure that our individualized treatment plans are the best possible option.

Forward Thinking

Since our goal is to try to avoid problems from taking place in the future we look at labs a little differently. By taking a narrower range of values we can go more in depth into what the patient’s health issues are. Along with narrower ranges we take comprehensive laboratory analysis, highlighting all the main organs in the body. In many cases we see a correlation of a problem in one organ causing complications in another. Taking the big picture approach allows the doctor to dissect the minute details of each patient and their health concerns.

Holistic Approach

Our bodies were made to work in synchrony, each organ affecting the next. It would be bad practice to only look at one specific organ to try to address a patient’s problems. By taking a comprehensive outlook at you it will help determine what is best for you!


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