On Your First Visit

During your initial examination, Dr. Sauer will evaluate your complete health, including traditional chiropractic as well as brain, nerve and muscle function.

Complete Assessment

First time patients will need to fill out initial paperwork detailing their health history. We go much deeper than just adjusting your back. At your first appointment, expect a complete examination testing your bones, muscles, nerves and neurological health. Don’t worry – this won’t be graded!

Most first-time appointments take about an hour and a half. This is also when labs would be ordered, if need be. Afterwards, Dr. Sauer will compile the information gathered, this will help determine the course of action for addressing your unique needs.

During the initial exam the doctor will use assessment forms, and patient symptoms to evaluate the patients condition. Laboratory analysis may be ordered to better understand a patient’s physiology and overall health. With this information treatment may involve lifestyle changes, nutrition modification, or nutrition supplementation to alleviate certain symptoms to improve overall health.

Patient Forms

We understand your time is limited. That is why we’ve made our new patient form downloadable. Feel free to complete this form and email it to info@twinoakshealth.com.


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