Taking Back Your Health

Think positive, be positive

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset

The success of your new lifestyle change starts from within. Yes, of course you will also need to have a solid structure in place and have the key tools and knowledge to make it work. BUT, without having a positive outlook on yourself and your progress, you will self-sabotage. You WILL fail. Mindset matters! 1.     […]

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Steven Tyler on stage

4 Tips to Reduce Lower Back, Knee & Foot Pain

Facebook Pinterest Instagram Walk This Way! She Told Me To Walk This Way! Talk This Way! Walk This Way! Talk This Way! Just Teach Me To Strut Ooh, a-Like This! Okay, that might not be exactly what Steven Tyler says while on stage. But it’s close. Mr. Tyler does have a point however there is […]

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Joint pain

How to Decrease Inflammation

Facebook Pinterest Instagram There seems to be a misconception in this country about the “normal” aging process. Many people believe that as we get older, it is acceptable and even expected to live with daily aches and pains. I am here to tell you that you should NOT accept this as a standard in your […]

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Yellow waterslide

An Insight into the American Healthcare Crisis

Facebook Pinterest Instagram This past weekend I was blessed to spend time at an indoor water park with my family. My two boys came unglued when they saw the giant bucket of water dumping onto other kids.  The slides, the lazy river, the water cannons, it was almost too much for them to take in […]

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