Taking Back Your Health

Black Guitar

3 Easy Inflammation Hacks to Boost Your Energy and Immune System

What Guitars and Inflammation Have in Common Allow me to be the first to say I am no guitarist. I can’t even get all the way through a simple song at this point… but I am learning. I decided to pick up my guitar after almost a full year of “taking a break”. I have […]

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woman laying in hospital bed

The Secret Danger of Relying on Health Insurance

The Danger of Handing The Keys Of Your Health Over To Someone Else Do you believe that America is in a Healthcare Crisis? Do you believe more people have Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid Disease, and Cancer than 20 years ago? If you answered yes, then the question remains…. WHY? Why have we been brainwashed into […]

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Why Can’t I Sleep at Night?

Are you struggling to wake up feeling rested and energized for the day? If you are one of the millions of people who aren’t getting adequate sleep, have you considered that what you are eating could be the cause? Most people know that food is essential in maintaining health, but don’t often think about how […]

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Top 4 Non-Negotiable Items When it Comes to Your Health

If there’s anything consistent about the Health and Wellness industry it’s that it’s anything BUT consistent. The amount of information out there regarding health and wellness is simply overwhelming and quite honestly, exhausting. So, if you are drowning in information and starving for clarity. This will be a welcome email. 1. Mindset Understanding that you are […]

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