Taking Back Your Health

Doctor's office test

Is Healthcare a Human Right?

“Healthcare is a Human Right.” This was a title to a recent email that popped up in my inbox. What you must understand about me is that I am notoriously bad at reading emails. AND responding to them can be even more challenging. But this one caught my attention, and here’s why… It pissed me […]

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Gorilla with disbelief look

“I Don’t Believe You”

“I Don’t Believe That” A potential client declared to me. I was halfway through explaining what a difference she would feel making changes to her lifestyle regarding her diabetes and fatigue. I sat there in dumb disbelief. My gut reaction was to fire back at her:  “It really doesn’t matter what you do or don’t […]

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Woman sitting on a toilet

Constipation – How to Alleviate it Naturally!

Tell me honestly, how often do you poop? This is a topic that most people feel uncomfortable talking about, even with their doctors. Are you going every day? When you go, are you feeling you were successful in emptying your bowels? If not, you are one of the 42 million Americans who suffer from constipation. […]

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Ice fishing hole

I Lost My Phone

I was leaning over the Spear Hole and heard PLOP! My heart sank. [For those who are not familiar with what spearing is. It’s the activity of chopping a hole in the ice and spending hours looking at the same weeds waiting for a fish to come along. [See picture] I knew exactly what made that […]

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