7 Easy Ways to Balance the Bacteria in Your Gut

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The balance of good to bad bacteria in your gut has a major influence on your overall health. When you gut bacteria is out of balance, a whole lot of health issues can follow.

It can be the cause of autoimmune problems such as arthritis, diabetes, and even an under or overactive thyroid. It can lead to digestive troubles like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea and bloating.

The goods news is that there are easy things you can do to help maintain a healthy balance in your gut! Be intentional about what you eat and what you choose to put into your body. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Eating nutrient-dense, healthy foods not only nourishes but supports your gut. Whereas processed foods, that are full of chemical additives, sugars, and starch- devastate this balance by killing off the good bacteria that gut needs.

Of course there are other factors that can lead to an imbalance in your gut health, for example stress can play a major role. But, a good place to start improving your gut health (which is the foundation for overall health) is by paying attention to what you put in your mouth.

Start Balancing Your Gut

1. Eat real food. Foods that come unpackaged and without a list of ingredients. Foods that are whole, real and nutritious.

2. Cut out the refined sugars and processed foods. These foods are full of insulin spiking ingredients, processed carbs and added sugars.

3. Include LOTS of high fiber foods in your daily diet. High fiber foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

4. Eat vegetables with EVERY meal. Compose every meal with 2/3 vegetables. Plan your meals ahead of time to ensure you get the correct balance of food groups.

5. Make sure to eat plenty of good fats. Wild caught fish, pastured eggs and meats, grass fed butter/ghee and nuts are a few great examples. This will help ensure you eliminate the inflammation causing, highly refined oils such as canola oil, vegetable oil and corn oil. If your recipes call for oil, be sure to substitute a natural oil like coconut, avocado or extra virgin olive oil instead.

6. Supplement with omega 3 fatty acids and a multi-strain probiotic to help support healthy gut flora. You can purchase a high quality, clinical grade supplement in our vitamin shop.

7. Include fermented foods in your diet. Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and miso contain natural probiotics to help the good bacteria in your gut thrive and multiply.

Follow these simple tips to improve your overall gut health and start feeling like the best version of you! For more information about our program or if you have any questions about taking back your health naturally, contact us today

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