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Joint pain

How to Decrease Inflammation

Facebook Pinterest Instagram There seems to be a misconception in this country about the “normal” aging process. Many people believe that as we get older,

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A couple watching the sunset on vacation

The Power of a Decision

Have you ever experienced a moment where someone said a common phrase in an uncommon way? I had that experience this week during a consultation with Nancy. It

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Gorilla with disbelief look

“I Don’t Believe You”

“I Don’t Believe That” A potential client declared to me. I was halfway through explaining what a difference she would feel making changes to her

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Crying Baby

Tough Day?

You Ever Had “One of Those Days?” Aren’t they the best? Know what DOESN’T help those situations? Complaining! Here are The Three Mental Tricks I do

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Ice fishing hole

I Lost My Phone

I was leaning over the Spear Hole and heard PLOP! My heart sank. [For those who are not familiar with what spearing is. It’s the activity

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