Thanks to Twin Oaks, I feel better… so much better! His program makes so much sense. When your body is working as it was designed to, and being fed as we were meant to eat, you too will feel younger and healthier. Try it, you will be glad you did.

Sue Spingler

Practice member

Dr. Sauer and his staff have been such an amazing help in my life. I no longer have anxiety and stomach pain. Me and my family have learned so much about food, how to cook it. Which foods are good for you, which ones are bad, and lots of resources to continue on this life style. I feel so much happier and have way more energy. 

Lee Grist

practice member

What Others say?
Dr. Sauer and his team are amazing!! It is so nice to have someone actually listen to you and try to find out what the issue really is, rather than just covering up the symptoms with another medication.
Jill Holmstrom
This experience is highly recommended for everyone. Especially if you're not feeling right and something is just a little off. My afternoon energy levels have spiked and I lost the fat on my stomach that I though I could never get rid of. If you're ready for a healthy, educational change, then this is your place to start!
Ryan Schubert