About Dr. Sauer and Our Functional Medicine Team

Dr. Forrest Sauer 
Owner, Founder

Our Purpose Is:

“To show the Forgotten and Misunderstood Hope.”

Dr. Sauer is a functional doctor based in Fargo, ND. Over his career in medicine, he’s seen many people rediscover their vitality and joy through holistic care. With every patient, his goal is to listen closely and develop a personalized wellness plan for each person. It’s why he’s one of the region’s most trusted functional doctor. 

Is This Right For You?

I’m guessing you’re here wondering how to improve your health. It can be frustrating can’t it? The amount of information out there is, to put it simply… overwhelming. After struggling for years with depression, brain fog, moodiness, IBS, being overweight, fatigued and just overall not feeling motivated, I started transforming my health through lifestyle changes. That’s what led me to become a functional doctor in North Dakota.

It so radically transformed my life, that we coach and educate every one of our clients on those same methods (that took me YEARS to figure out). We condense it in a mere matter of months and give our members a very clear path on what to do and why.

After having success with hundreds of clients, and handling just about any kind of health condition and situation I would say we are pretty good at it. Today, we see clients across the country. People from Minnesota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska meet with our team in-person and online because they’ve seen the power of functional medicine. Our entire team is committed to helping you reach optimal health and vitality by treating your whole body.

The real question is… are YOU up for it?

– Dr. Sauer 

In-person and online appointments available.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Our team is dedicated to helping people just like you, succeed in finding their way back to health. 

Dr. Forrest Sauer

Owner, Founder

Dr. Forrest Sauer

Owner, Founder

I struggled with health from an early age. By the time I was in my early 20’s I was overweight, depressed, had no energy, had brain fog, every day, and had IBS. After trying almost everything I stumbled into Functional Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine. From that point on my life and health have not been the same. I love using my expertise as a functional doctor to help others.

Being able to show people the hope that they can change their lives and regain what has been lost has been one of the most rewarding things I could ever do.

Being a husband and father to 3 little ones leads to a very busy and rich life with which I am truly blessed!

Lori Strand

Wellness Coach

6 years ago I found myself in terrible health. I suffered from fatigue, anxiety, weight gain and daily headaches. I had been doctoring for ongoing pain in my abdomen and digestive issues. Months went by without answers. I was devastated and worried something major was being missed. My feelings were correct as I ended up having emergency gallbladder surgery. This sent my body into a tailspin. I felt so let down and defeated by our healthcare system. I wanted real answers and was determined to start listening to the messages my body was sending me.

I found answers and true healing with functional medicine and the world of natural health. Although my experience was traumatic, I believe my purpose is to help others with their health journey.

Lori and her husband Mike have 2 children that keep them very active. As a family they enjoy the lakes, sporting events, movies, and family vacations around Fargo.

Julie Hughes

Office Manager

As Office Manager at Twin Oaks Health I wear many hats. The most rewarding is by far working with our clients and sharing in the joy of the wins both big and small.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who loves spending time with family, fishing, and cooking.

Before finding Dr. Sauer, I was truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. Taking control of my health and life with this New Way of Medicine has been the best decision for me and my family. I love supporting the work of Twin Oaks’ functional doctor.


Client Support Specialist
Ben believes your own health is the best investment that can be made. Growing up playing sports, he faced challenges through injuries. Once sports ended, he stopped the focus on his health, and saw a change in quality of life because of it. He rediscovered his passion for health through nutrition and movement. He is passionate about helping people find their health again, and create a life that’s sustainable through it. He enjoys spending his time outdoors and with his partner and dog on hikes, and of course creating and enjoying delicious meals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about functional doctors, our services, and policies.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

No, this is not your run-of-the-mill-meal-replacement-shake-weight-loss-balongue-program. This is not a protein bar or cutting calories thing. It is food that you purchase in the grocery store, bring home and prepare like humans were meant to do. We never ask you to starve yourself… ever. 

It’s not that we don’t accept insurance, it’s that insurance doesn’t cover proactive care. They are not interested in reversing diseases, merely the management using medications and surgeries. Which is exactly what most people want to avoid. It’s pretty clear that insurance will never do what it takes to get your life back. 

Yes! Functional Medicine doesn’t rely on space-age technology or clunky machines. We create your personalized treatment plan to be as natural as possible, which means online sessions can be incredible productive. Lifestyle changes can be done at home!

We believe that you should know not only what you should do to radically improve your health, but also know why your doing it. This is called educational healthcare. We believe in training and educating our practice members to live a life that gives them the freedom in their health and life.

This is something that we hear all of the time… when your labs are coming back normal, yet you still feel like crap. This is unfortunately normal. Insurance is only going to pay for what they can medicate for and you are being compared to all of the other sick people who are feeling just as terrible as you.

The answer is to take comprehensive labs and look at them proactively. Proactively meaning don’t wait until you actually get the disease take action early.

We work with moms and dads with kids and families all of the time. The good news is you’re not going to have to prepare more than one meal for the whole family. There’s nothing worse than watching your family sit down to pizza and you’re stuck with a dry salad.

When we mean lifestyle we mean everybody goes through the change together. It may not mean that they take as drastic changes as you, but you are in this as a team.

The truth is is we all have 24 hours throughout the day. You get to choose how you spend it. If you are too busy to focus on your health now you are going to be forced to focus on your health later.

This is simply a choice. Are you going to decide to take action now and make the most of your life, or are you going to wait till you’re forced to do it later?

We’re not asking you to become a fancy chef. It’s about learning how to cook delicious meals that are simple and effective.

And if you really hate to cook there’s always a way to keep you out of the kitchen and on to your new healthy lifestyle!

We have clients who are ages 23-90 years old, single moms, single dads, retired, fixed budgets. People from all walks of life that have been able to get started on a program to help get their health and quality of life back.

The real answer is… it depends. We use supplements to fix what is going on underneath, not simply take care of symptoms. This allows our clients to have to take fewer and fewer pills over time. The only job of a vitamin or mineral is to speed up the healing process, not be a life long sentence.

No, we walk our clients though step-by-step and find out what foods are right for them. This is not a one size fits all approach. 

First off… go you! You’re stronger than most, and you know better than anybody that your kids solely depend on you. Now more than ever you need to focus on your health, so when the time comes you can rely on yourself.

We’ve helped many clients who are globe trotters. It’s about having the right resources at the right time to keep you on your health calls.
Don’t let this become an excuse to put it off until things are more “convenient”.

I have seen too many “hopeless” cases turnaround around and they are able to adopt beautiful healthy energy-filled lives to doubt your success to get the same results.

The body (this is including yours) has the ability to heal and transform the way we were truly designed. You are only done if you decide to be.