Taking Back Your Health

Stressed out woman drinking coffee in her bathrobe

Can the Foods You Eat Affect Your Mood?

Facebook Pinterest Instagram We all have that one food item that sends us on a ride down memory lane. Hopefully, those memories are positive ones and when you eat that food, you are left with warm feelings of happiness. But have you ever really thought about the food you’re eating everyday playing a role in […]

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man holding his shoulder in pain

Do You Suffer From Shoulder Pain?

Facebook Pinterest Instagram Do you ever skip a workout because your back hurts? Do you have pain in your shoulder, your elbow or even your knee? Shoulder pain is one of the most common challenges that my clients face when it comes to exercise. Now, what if I told you there is a simple solution to your […]

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Woman eating plate of veggies instead of fast food cheeseburger

5 Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar is found in just about everything that we eat. Excessive sugar consumption has become an epidemic in our country, and it is one of the reasons why we are in a health crisis. Have you ever looked at the amount of added sugars that are in the foods you eat? Now, eliminating ALL sugar […]

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Man and woman looking at sunset on the beach

How to Keep Your Health

This past week I was speaking with a client and her spouse. We were discussing her health. What lifestyle changes she will make to lose weight, have energy after a full night’s rest, balance out her hormones etc. etc. Honestly, it is a fairly routine conversation in my office. That was until her husband popped […]

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