Twin Oaks Health Case Study: 36 Year Old Female

doctor and patient

We started working with a 36 year old female who came to us. She was suffering from PCOS, IBS, weight gain that she couldn’t get off, a lot of stress, high cortisol. She works a very high stress job, but her real main reason was she was trying to conceive, and they just could not conceive. So after doing some blood work, and we actually did a hormone panel on her as well, we kind of found the issues, the core issues that we really needed to work on to help stabilize and get her hormones where they needed to be, so that her body was able to carry a baby. We got her about two months through her protocol, and she had gotten off some medications that they had put her on, and she was just feeling a lot better, a lot more energetic, and she she actually conceived. So it was really exciting to be able to see her accomplish that through the lifestyle changes. One of the big benefits that she speaks about is just the knowledge that she was given through our program, just how to be your own health advocate, how to be aware, listening to the messages in your body, the other things that we can use in more of a natural stance versus, you know, the the medications and all the other things that are kind of thrown at us. She really used food to heal. And I just thought it was in a really empowering for her to kind of be able to take the control back when she’s felt like for so long that she’s had to give the control over to other people, telling her, you know, what she needed, medication she needed take and what she needed to do to conceive. In this way, she kind of took the power back and was able to listen to the messages that her body was sending her, and then what she needs to do about those things so that she could get her hormones back in balance. So she’s due here shortly with her baby, and I know she’s just over the moon and has a lot of gratitude for everything that she learned here.



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