September 24, 2020

Immune Health

What does it mean to have a healthy immune system? Most people know that when you’re immune system is optimal, you don’t get sick and your white blood cell count is normal. But how do you make a healthy immune system is something you may not know about, and it goes a little further than […]

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Brain Fog

Brain Fog/Brain Function

Brain fog happens when you have massive amounts of inflammation in the brain that prevent your thoughts from being completed. Compare those interruptions in your brain to construction happening on a major inner state- where all the traffic is backed up and nothing is moving- that is exactly what is happening to the circuitry in […]

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Relieve Stress Naturally


As a person who used to struggle with anxiety and depression myself, my sympathies go out to you! If you feel like you have tried everything already, you are not alone. Exercise more, drink more water, take these fancy vitamins and minerals… and yet nothing makes a difference. It is not simply one thing that […]

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