Taking Back Your Health

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Keep Your Positive Mindset

Have you ever had “One of those days”? The type of day where it seems that everything that could go wrong… did go wrong.  How did you react to those challenges? Did you get angry? Resentful? Lash out at people who did not deserve to get lashed at? Let it ruin your entire day? These days happen to all of us. […]

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The Truth About Cholesterol and Your Health

Cholesterol has become the most discussed health topic for the past several decades. As usual, there are hundreds of opinions on what we should do, not do, tricks to increase/decrease. Pills to take or not take. I am not going to try to convince you one way or another. Instead, I want to discuss the […]

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How To Stay Focused On Your Health

Facebook Pinterest Instagram This past Wednesday my son had his last church night for the summer. As any typical church program would have… there was an array of scrawny kiddos all in a line. There were the tall kids, the short kids, the kids who didn’t know where they were, why they were there, and […]

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How to be Healthier in Just 6 Weeks

I must say… We have done a tremendous job at complicating health for the past 50 years. From weight loss programs, to exercise programs, to medications, to surgeries. The options are endless! And yet, despite all these options… the majority of Americans are obese, taking 4 or more medications, and scared about their future. To […]

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