“I Don’t Believe You”

Gorilla with disbelief look

"I Don't Believe That"

A potential client declared to me.

I was halfway through explaining what a difference she would feel making changes to her lifestyle regarding her diabetes and fatigue.

I sat there in dumb disbelief.
Gorilla with disbelief look
My gut reaction was to fire back at her:
“It really doesn’t matter what you do or don’t BELIEVE…  it’s the truth.”
But I held my tongue.

That was not the first time I had heard the phrase “I don’t believe that”.
I never really understood why someone would decide to make such a statement.

It truly doesn’t matter what you do or don’t BELIEVE, if it’s true then it’s true. (at the end I will describe how this is not entirely true)

In matters of science, it is a fact that if you drink enough water you will be properly hydrated. If your hormones are balanced you will have a restful night’s sleep and wake up with vigor. If you do not overindulge in sugar and artificial sweeteners you will avoid Type II Diabetes.

This next statement might shock you.

Your opinion doesn’t matter.
And neither does mine.
You see it is not my opinion…

It is not my opinion. It is a Fact.

You see it is not my opinion that…

  • Avoiding sugar will help avoid diabetes. That is a fact.
  • It is not my opinion that avoiding processed foods will allow your Thyroid to function more efficiently. That is a fact.
  • It is not my opinion that relying on health insurance is a foolish venture for optimal health. That is a fact.
  • It is not my opinion that medications and most vitamins on the market only mask symptoms and never address the underlying cause of the problem. That is a fact.

The truth is that:

  • We are taking more medications than we ever have before.
  • We are spending more on healthcare than at any time in history.
  • More Americans are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, High Blood Pressure,  & High Cholesterol.

We must start to ask ourselves WHY? Why is this happening?

Is it because we believe that:
> Health Insurance will save us? >We can’t change so why should we try?
>Our health is all based on genetics. 
>This is a natural part of aging?

I cry Bullocks on those false statements, they have been fed to us over and over again!

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I want my health to look like most of my friends, family, neighbors, people you see in Walmart or in the mall?

If the answer is NO, and you desire something different, something better for your future.  The best place to start is an education on how we ended up in this mess to start with.

You can watch a full training here

Where I have made the mistake in the past is to win the argument with facts.
I would win the battle but I would lose the war. (Maybe some of you can relate.)

All the information, facts, data doesn’t matter if it doesn’t result in motion, change,  or action.

That is where belief comes in. Out of the 1000’s of clients I have had the pleasure of working with, I have noticed this commonality:

The most successful people have a belief that attaining optimal health is the right thing to do.

The reason why 99% of weight loss programs fail – is that we don’t actually believe that we are going to stick with it for the rest of our lives.

I would say “Then why start? Instead, find something that you can sustain”.

When you are properly educated on how to live a normal life. get your food from a grocery store. not having to eat a salad every day. Only having to cook one meal for the whole family.


If you are interested in getting an education in optimal wellness here is a free training I did recently I think will be valuable for you.

I cover how to transform your life to one of health and abundance!

What do you desire?

Do you desire to wake up feeling well-rested?
Do you desire to wake up and have a bowel movement?
Do you desire to climb a flight of stairs and not get winded?
Do you desire to avoid the health that your parents had?
Do you desire to play on the ground with your grandkids?
Do you desire confidence?


Here is that link to the training once again.

Chat Soon!

Dr. Forrest Sauer

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