Is Healthcare a Human Right?

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“Healthcare is a Human Right.”

This was a title to a recent email that popped up in my inbox.

What you must understand about me is that I am notoriously bad at reading emails. AND responding to them can be even more challenging.

But this one caught my attention, and here’s why…

It pissed me off.

“Healthcare is a human right”… 
Are you freaking kidding me!

Since when did Healthcare become a right? It is not a right. It is a PRIVILAGE.

Your Health on the other hand, is a right. One that you have a lot of control over!

You see… there is a larger game afoot.

If I can get you to believe that healthcare is your right, then you are going to rely on healthcare to take care of you.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Until you harken back to your last experience at the hospital. Did that place scream health and wellness or disease management?

Doctor's office test

The Purpose of Healthcare

While I was getting my education, I heard over and over that 

Health is based on your family history, your genetics.

AND if you want to lose weight – all you have to do is eat less and exercise more.

Those of you who have already tried the “calories-in calories-out” methodology know that THOSE RESULTS DON’T LAST!

You see, healthcare was intended to serve in times of catastrophe, major surgeries, accidents, rare diseases, etc.

The transition that has taken place over the past 60 years is that we now depend on insurance for EVERYTHING. It has changed from a “Use only in emergencies”…  to “A Cure-All.”

You wouldn’t treat your car insurance that way, would you? What about the fire insurance on your house? 

That would be insane!

Yet, that is exactly what we do when we are faced with a health challenge. We turn to insurance to take care of our health.

This broken way of thinking only leads to more dependence on a healthcare system that is already miserably failing the American Public.

There is Good News!

You have the ultimate say in HOW your health turns out.

5% of your health is genetic. 95% of your health is based on choices. If you have made poor choices for the past 5-35 years, that rocking body you desire to have will NOT happen overnight. BUT it is possible, without surgery!

You need mentorship to achieve the health and body you deserve. There is a proven step-by-step process that we have successfully used time and time again to radically transform our client’s health.

Isn’t it time you take action?

Isn’t it time you take that next step in your health?

Stop messing around, stop trying to do it on your own. If you have been trying to fix _____ with your health for the past 15 years and haven’t found the answer yet. Then I think we can both agree it’s time to try something new!

We empower our clients using an educational/mentorship style of care. We educate and empower our clients on what the right lifestyle is for them to get results.

The education shows you what to do, the mentorship shows you how to do it.

Don’t give up on your health, and don’t give up on yourself!

If you want to have your eyes opened to a lifestyle that will bring some of that vitality back to your life.

I am going to urge you to schedule an initial conversation with Julie about what it looks like to start getting your health back.

I’m rooting for ya!

Chat Soon!

Dr. Forrest Sauer

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