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(F)ollow (O)ne (C)ourse (U)ntil (S)uccessful

Have you ever had “One of those days”?

The type of day where it seems that everything that could go wrong… did go wrong. 

How did you react to those challenges?

Did you get angry? Resentful? Lash out at people who did not deserve to get lashed at? Let it ruin your entire day?

These days happen to all of us.


The challenge then becomes how you react to those days… not what actually happens to you in those days.

Below is a scenario that recently happened to me. REAL LIFE STUFF. I’m sharing with you how I handled it and what I learned from that experience.

The Key is Focus

Focus on your goals. Focus on the end result. Not what you are facing at this moment in time. 

When you look back a day from now, a week, or a month… the challenge you are facing today may very well be forgotten. If you can remember it, it will most likely be insignificant. 

Your health on the other hand… Your future. That is what you need to focus on. 

Don’t get caught up with excuses or feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, keep your goals front and center. Start each of your days with a positive mindset. 

Today is a good day, for a good day.


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