“What Are You Going to Do, Go Around Licking Doorknobs?”

Man in Hazmat Suit

An interesting question, I thought…

My friend was testing me to see how up to date I was with the Covid-19 business.

I fired back at him “Not exactly, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind getting it. Just to get it over with!”

You see, he was right to ask me that question. I am notorious for not knowing what the news is saying.

I have stayed immune to much of the hype and fear-mongering that has taken place by the media, family, social media, friends, everyone.

I have been living in a media blackout for the past 9 years of my life, and I must tell you it is glorious!

Sure, some news still sneaks through, but I get most of it through trusted friends and family.

Man in Hazmat Suit

I often get asked, “But aren’t you missing out?”

I submit to you, missing out on what?

Missing Out On What?

What am I going to do about the bombing in Israel? What am I going to do about the accident on the main road that’s making everyone late? What am I going to do about Kim Kardashian? What am I going to do about that sports god who scored a goal/point/unit for his team?

The answer??
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Which brings me to the point…  all that noise only creates STRESS.

So, I omit them from my life.

Why would I take such a foolhardy leap to be so “ignorant”?

Because of STRESS!

For the past 7 years, I have had conversations with 1000’s of clients who wish they had better health. They long to be 5 sizes smaller. To have hormones that rock the bedroom and the boardroom.  Grow hair back.  Get off medications. Feel like they used to 10 years ago. The list goes on!

The one thing that ties them all together
is way too much STRESS.

There are 3 different kinds of stress.

  1. Physical Bumps, Bruises, Car Accidents, Falls, etc. This stress is often uncontrollable.
  2. Chemical– Those words you can’t pronounce listed on every box of food you buy. This stress you can control.
  3. Emotional News, Relationships, Elections, Fear. This Stress you can also in large control


The First Thing You Need is Resources.

Resources your body can use to repair the damage that has been done every day for the past 15, 20, 50 years.

These resources are found in vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc.

If you treat your health like McDonald’s “Cheap, Fast and Easy” what do you expect it to give you in return?
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You NEED to treat your health like the investment it is!

The first step is to realize you need to start treating your health as the valuable resource it is.

Your health is like a bank account. The more you put into it, the better it will be.

Click here to see my recommendations for what I consider the foundations of health to be.

Simply create an account and get instant access to the best daily nutrition and to keep you safe for all your doorknob licking days!

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Once signed in you look for this button!

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Vitamin D – For obvious reasons Vit. D is essential for a properly functioning immune system but another essential use for Vit. D is balancing your sex hormones and thyroid function. Let me say this again. “It’s Essential!”

Fish Oil – No not the gallon jugs you see at Costco, but Fish Oil that will actually get absorbed and utilized.

Probiotic – A healthy gut is another non-negotiable for a properly operating immune system. Proper gut health has also been linked to weight loss, a decrease in depression, and anxiety among many others.

MultiVitamin – You need to cover your bases with a good multi again getting one that actually gets absorbed is important.

Fruits and Greens – A greens drink gives your body the vitamins and minerals that are often left out and ignored in a multivitamin.

Here is the link once again.

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