Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is the science behind food, vitamins, minerals, and what affect they have on the body. There are several factors that must be evaluated when assessing an individual’s health including environment, family life, level of stress, exposure to toxins and hormonal changes.

What is a Diet?

“Diet and lifestyle are extremely important when helping a patient. When I say diet, I do not mean go on a diet, I mean CHANGE your diet. If a patient walked in and said “Doc I have high cholesterol I eat at a fast food restaurant three times a week, what supplement is going to help?” I would respond the supplement would be stop going to fast food restaurants!

The point is this...

You can not outrun your fork, if you have a chronic health condition it most likely has to do with the way you have been living. So a logical first step towards wellness would be to change your diet. Supplements are always a good idea to speed up recovery and make up for dietary insufficiencies.

Build & Repair

Vitamins and minerals are the body’s building blocks for repairing itself, without the proper building blocks, the body has a shaky foundation. Supplements that have vitamins and minerals help provide the proper building blocks a patient will need on the road to recovery. With many of my treatment plans there is a nutritional aspect. This is to ensure that a patient is getting the proper nutrition that they need to achieve the life that they so desire.” Dr. Sauer

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