3 Ways to Change Your Mindset

Think positive, be positive

The success of your new lifestyle change starts from within. Yes, of course you will also need to have a solid structure in place and have the key tools and knowledge to make it work. BUT, without having a positive outlook on yourself and your progress, you will self-sabotage. You WILL fail. Mindset matters!

1.     Stop Focusing on Your Failures

Noone is perfect. If this is news to you, I am sorry to be the whistle blower. You have spent your entire life eating the foods you eat and living the lifestyle you have recently discovered needs improvement. This takes time to undo. It takes commitment to follow through. It requires forgiveness when you are not perfect.

Life will throw curveballs and temptations at you. You will travel and need to eat out at restaurants. You will celebrate life events where they serve irresistible sugary treats. The key to your success is not to get down on yourself because you enjoyed a cupcake or a slice of cheesecake. The key instead is to KEEP GOING, even when take detours and slip up from time to time!

2.     Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

One of our clients recently went on vacation and when she returned, we asked “How was it?” She immediately started talking negatively about herself and the food choices she had made while she was traveling. This negative self-talk is a natural instinct for many of us.

When redirected and asked, “Did you make different food choices than you would have prior to starting your new health journey?” She replied with an excited “YES!”

Instead of focusing on the negatives, I challenge you to alter your mindset and instead take pride in what you have accomplished. When asked how your vacation went, this client should have replied “I got out and moved my body every single day and made some great food choices.” Do you see how this positive mindset not only sounds like she enjoyed her trip more, but that she is motivated to continue her health journey?!

3.     Celebrate Your Wins

No one will be harder on your accomplishments or failures than you will be. That little voice inside of your head can either keep you moving towards your goals or tear you down and make you believe that you will never accomplish it. This is when people give up. Don’t give up! Not this time.

It is crucial to set obtainable goals for yourself. It is impossible to lose 30 pounds in a week. It’s important to learn how to Set Realistic Expectations For Your Lifestyle Change. Then, you need to celebrate when you’ve accomplished one of your goals.  Celebrating your wins will give you an extra confidence boost and will keep that voice inside of your head to be a positive one. Whenever you start to get down on yourself and that little voice starts to sound negative, it’s time to take a step back and celebrate your wins. 

No matter how big or small that “win” is for you, there is something worth celebrating. Did you get outside every day this week to move your body? That’s a win. Did you try a new dish at your favorite restaurant that follows your new diet plan (even though you may have wanted that go-to plate of pasta)? That is a win. Did you wake up without aches and pains for the first time in years? That is definitely a win worth celebrating!

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