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Digestive health goes a lot deeper than the fact that you need a probiotic (because you do). The gut is responsible for a healthy immune system, brain function, and hormone balance.

If you are not pooping once a day, feeling like you are completely empty when you are done, experiencing bloating or distention…. you have gut problems!

Let’s deal with the first of these issues- your immune system. It has an identity like a finger print. When you have tons of inflammation in your gut, (caused by toxins, preservatives, herbicides) your immune system does not have an identity. 

Do you have a leaky gut? The short answer… most likely. What is a leaky gut? When your gut literally has leaks in it! Gaps in the cellular lining in the gut that partially undigested food sneaks through.

That half digested cheeseburger gets into your bloodstream and makes your cholesterol skyrocket. It also causes brain fog… because now your brain has to deal with a 1/4 pounder with cheese. It’s not meant to do that and actually screws up the entire wiring process in the brain. 

It’s time to start feeling better by transforming your health instead of taking more medications. To get started, click on the link below. 

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