Do You Feel Like You Are Being Bullied into Getting the Vaccine?

Covid 19 Vaccine

Am I the only one who sees that history is repeating itself?
It seems like everywhere I look these past several months there has been one consistent message.

Get The Vaccine

If you spend any time watching the news (which I do not), or time on social media (I am a casual participant). You can’t help but get the subtle feeling that you are supposed to get your vaccination shot.

The messaging is as subtle as a boot to the teeth…

Where I See the World Headed

You are being led to believe that getting poked is an act of bravery and patriotism. That we are supporting our country by following this popular narrative.

Vaccine propaganda has exploded. Billboards, TV, Social Media, Celebrities posting pictures, well-known media personalities posting selfies… All encouraging you to also get “treated“.

As if humans are some kind of virus-carrying Petri dish. Totally inadequate as we are. If we don’t get jabbed… we are going to infect society with our dirty and vile selves. Putting everyone else at risk.

The problem I have with this?  I feel peer pressured into getting jabbed with an experimental drug!

When I was growing up, I was told to not fall victim to peer pressure. And to say no to drugs.

How far we have come since then?

I am the type of person who is a little hesitant to follow the masses. For example: Bell-bottom jeans. Beanie-Babies. Medications. No Back Pocket Jeans. Crop Tops. Flu Shots. Shoulder Pads. Mullets. No-Fat Diets.

Every time I see the tide of humanity surging in one direction, I force myself to pause and reflect if it is actually the direction I want to go.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”
Mark Twain

I hope I am not the only one who sees the evil irony in how we are lead to believe that it is our patriotic duty to get poked.

The last I checked, patriotism was to uphold the freedom of choice and to pursue life as we see fit.

You know… FREEDOM!

What is free about a decision that is already made for us?

You can probably guess by now what my opinion on vaccinations is. But what bothers me more is the overwhelming amount of one-sided messaging that is limiting our knowledge of what is actually going on.

Since when was it “selfish” to make your own decisions regarding your health?
We live in a deeply flawed country. But I still believe it is the BEST country. We have freedom like no one else in the world. However ,with the newest developments in our country, I am very concerned about where our freedoms are headed.  

Since when did we have to have a “passport” proving we received a shot?
If the passport= freedom what did we have before? It sounds a lot more like conditional freedom.

Dangle that carrot!  

Jews were not allowed into public spaces in Nazi Germany because they were unclean. This current rhetoric sounds all too familiar.

Ask Yourself These Questions

If the shots work why do we have to still wear masks?
It is way too early to determine if the vaccines actually work for the masses much less the side effects. Johnson & Johnson has been pulled off the market after just being released due to blood clotting.

Moderna is still being administered as of this writing, but there have been many “mysterious” side effects after administration. Side effects like heart attacks and strokes.

Masks have been found to be ineffective for controlling the spread of Covid-19.

So, then why are still being asked to wear them?
It is a measure of control.

Studies have shown there is no difference in the spread of Covid-19 when wearing a mask or when using the shutdown method.

But if they can get you to believe in the fear, then it is much easier to get compliance.

Let me be clear, shutdowns and masks DO NOT slow the spread of Covid-19.

Should we be scared of Covid-19?
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and colleagues wrote that “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.”


Yes, I have personally known people who have lost their life to Covid-19 and it was very very tragic. But the response to Covid-19 is one of fear, dread, and panic. It only breeds feelings and emotions of distrust, being resentful, and treating your fellow man as a terrorist.

We are all on the same team. It is not you vs. me. It never has been. We can still disagree on key topics and be for one another as humans.
That is called maturity, let’s all be mature when someone disagrees with our point of view. Be mature enough to show them the love and respect they deserve.

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