How to Keep Your Health

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This past week I was speaking with a client and her spouse.

We were discussing her health. What lifestyle changes she will make to lose weight, have energy after a full night’s rest, balance out her hormones etc. etc.

Honestly, it is a fairly routine conversation in my office.

That was until her husband popped this question…

“Dr. Sauer, how do we know she will be able to keep her health after she goes back to normal eating.”

It was the first time I had ever been asked that!

Surely, hundreds of clients have had the same thought in the past. But, he was the first to be brave enough to ask it!

I replied.  

“You keep your health by kissing “normal” eating goodbye.”

Not a gentle response. However, it was spoken with love AND it was well-received.

Let’s use the following example:

We have a fictitious person named Bob.

Bob has 5 credit cards and is $35,000 in debt.

Bob gets the courage to break his spending habits, cut up all his credit cards and get out of debt.

Bob does something that very few people have the courage to do. To change one’s behavior.

2 years later Bob is out of debt and is loving life.

Would you walk up to Bob and suggest he start applying for credit cards?

If you said NO!…

It would be preposterously stupid of Bob to do that and to return to his old ways.

How does this translate to health?

If you want better health, you need to cut back on sugar, carbs, and harmful oils.

Increase healthy proteins, veggies, fruit, healthy carbs and fats.

Doing this will bring you better health over time.

But for how long?


The Truth?


It is the lifelong pursuit that is the answer.

Sure the “Shed 30 pounds in 30 days programs” are sexy. But are they sustainable?

This is where almost all weight loss programs get it wrong. Unrealistic expectations that are not sustainable.

The right way to approach health is to take one step at a time. Putting one foot in front of the other and keep on improving.

I am enormously proud of the people we have been able to educate these past 7 years.

My heart leaps for joy when I hear a client share a story about how they are doing and how their life has changed.

I know their life will never be the same.

The credit goes all to them.

They deserve all the praise because they made the decision to change their life.

Now, that is something you can hang your hat on!

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Dr. Sauer

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