Tough Day?

Crying Baby

You Ever Had "One of Those Days?"

Aren’t they the best?

Know what DOESN’T help those situations?


Here are The Three Mental Tricks I do To Turn Around Challenges in my Life FAST.

(As a word of warning, if you are someone who enjoys complaining.
This article is not for you.
You will find my opinions offensive and narrow-minded
Those who desire to escape the rat race in their head, read on.)

It drives me crazy when someone gripes about their day ad nauseam.

“Suzie said this about me today, can you believe it?”
“Traffic was horrible today. When are they going to fix that?”
“I can never find anything to wear.”

They start to sound like Chicken Little “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” They never give thought to how they can improve their situation.

Their life ends up sounding like a broken record, playing the same song over and over again.

Makes you want to run out of the room screaming! (Seriously, I would rather slowly insert an ice pick into my eye. At least there is something I can do about that!)

Crying Baby

It is fascinating that those same people who focus ONLY on problems – ONLY experience more problems! They are stuck in their own vicious cycle.


Here are 3 Mental Hacks I use to escape from this death cycle

Let’s start at the top and discover why mastering how you think matters.

I believe Solomon says it best.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. 

Proverbs 23:7

Here is the truth.

If you think that life is hard. It will be.
If you think that change is hard. It will be.
If you think that health is hard, boring, and filled with bland foods. It will be.
If you think you are always trying to be better than your peers, you will never measure up.


My life is filled with learning opportunities and I’m grateful that I’m getting better every day.
I am grateful for the health I do have, and I am working to get even better for next year.
I can’t wait to try new and exciting foods and habits, I haven’t even heard about most of them!
I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life right now.

The truth is you can control the thoughts in your head. You can choose whether to entertain them or send them packing!

The thoughts you keep will become your reality.


Rose is trying to quit sugar. But the more she thinks about quitting sugar the more she is craving those cookies in the freezer. (You know which secret stash I’m talking about.) Now her mouth is watering and the next thing you know she’s diving headfirst into the freezer – like some crazed lunatic digging for buried treasure. 4 cookies later, she remembered she was quitting today….

So what happened? Rose let her mind think about sugar until her body actually started salivating. It would have worked better if she decided to think about something else, putting something else into her mind entirely.

My Three Stages of Mastering What You Allow into Your Mind:

1. Recognize what you’re thinking about.

2. Decide if you want to think about it more.

3. If not, then think about something else.

While this seems too simple to work, it is a habit that takes time and discipline to develop.

If it is an uncomfortable topic that you have to handle, put a positive spin on it.


You have to tell your co-worker Jeff, he is really sucking at his job lately. While it may be an uncomfortable conversation. You have an opportunity to demonstrate how to handle a tough topic with grace and humility. It even has the opportunity where Jeff is grateful for the feedback.

Life is full of opportunities. There are never problems, only opportunities. Sometimes those opportunities really, really, REALLY suck. But never-the-less it is an opportunity to grow.

Why do I go to the trouble of saying all this?

Because I used to be Chicken Little. I used to have all the excuses on why life just wasn’t working out for me.

I recognized this pattern in myself and decided to change. AND I wanted it to be easy.

So I made it easy. In short, I brainwashed myself into believing that all decisions of change are enjoyable and easy. (Even though some of it really sucked.)

AND I know that you can too!! 

So, here they are again:

1. Recognize what you’re thinking about.
2. Decide if you want to think about it more.
3. If not, think about something else.

I think that is enough for this week’s ramblings!

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