An Insight into the American Healthcare Crisis

Yellow waterslide

This past weekend I was blessed to spend time at an indoor water park with my family.

My two boys came unglued when they saw the giant bucket of water dumping onto other kids.¬† The slides, the lazy river, the water cannons, it was almost too much for them to take in ūüėČ


While we were spending hours in the lazy river, sea saw, and water slides…

I looked around at all the people who were there.

Sad to say, but I picked out very few people who looked like they were actually healthy.

Yellow waterslide

And I could not help but ask the question.


Why are the majority of the people I see –¬† obese, on medication, and/or showing premature signs of aging?

Have you ever asked yourself this same question?

Ever wondered why we get into our 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and the expectation is to have aches and pains, be depressed, and¬†no longer¬†have a sex drive?

What is the Standard for 'Normal' Health?

Should it be normal to have declining health at the ripe old age of 39, 49, 59, or even 69?

Allow me to answer this by laying a foundation.

What is the standard for normal health?

Normal¬†by definition: “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.”

Doesn’t that sound exciting? (sarcasm)

“All I want is to be normal with my health and life.”¬†said no one ever.

Please don’t misunderstand me when I say, ‘normal’. This is not to be confused with a quiet life. I pursue a quiet and simple life too.¬†

BUT I don’t want to take 4 different kinds of medications every day AND suffer from the side effects of those medications while I’m doing it.

So, do you want to be normal?

Do you want to end up like your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and friends?


Do you want something different? Something better?

There are very few guarantees in life. But it is guaranteed if you keep doing the same thing you have always done, you will keep getting the results you have always gotten.

Meaning >>¬† if your feeling fat, sick, and depressed, is your “normal”, you will never feel anything better. Not without making a change.

Take a Proactive Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

I made the decision almost 10 years ago to NOT end up like the average American.

I started taking a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle. It has not been perfect, it never has to be.

If I can share the three main takeaways from the past 10 years of knowledge to you… It’s that these 3 things are most important for your success.

1. Hydrate (drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. every day)
2. Exercise (20-30 min 2-3x a week.)
3. Eliminate harmful oils from lifestyle.

It all started with the decision that I AM GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. Different than most people. Because I AM WORTH IT. Worth the extra effort it takes to live a healthier, happier life.

And let me tell you my friend,

The Healthcare Crisis

Now getting back to that day in the water park…¬† Why was it so apparent that we are still in a Healthcare Crisis?

It all comes down to marketing.

Pharmaceutical Companies and Insurance Companies would love for you to believe that you are powerless when it comes to your health.

They have shouted long and loud that there is nothing for you to do but simply shut up and take their medications.

The messages like: “Your health is determined by your family history” or “it’s all genetics” or “Health Insurance will save you”.

These have been pounded into our heads from the time we were born.

Thank goodness nothing could be further from the truth!

Thank goodness that not only me, but thousands of other people have taken action and have been able to radically TRANSFORM their lives.

So, my hope for you… is that my radical ramblings inspire you to get up and¬†TAKE ACTION!

Here is a another health practice that has made big waves in my life.

Picture yourself with the health, body, and relationships that you want in your life. I want you to picture this for yourself, every day. Do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If you do this consistently over time, your life will start to change for the better.

It may take time and effort.

But come on now… Aren’t you worth it?

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